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ZZ Plant
Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Plant Type:  houseplant
Height:  3 feet
Spread:  3 feet
Sunlight:  shade to partial shade

A popular foliage plant that has proved itself to be durable for indoor spaces, handling low light, drought, and abuse;...

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Calla Lily
Zantedeschia aethiopica

Plant Type:  houseplant
Plant Height:  18 inches
Flower Height:  3 feet
Spacing:  14 inches
Sunlight:  partial shade to full sun

This variety forms a sturdy mound of leathery, shiny green arrow shaped leaves, bearing stems of white, funnel shaped flowers...

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Wandering Jew
Zebrina pendula

Plant Type:  houseplant
Height:  14 inches
Spacing:  10 inches
Sunlight:  shade to partial shade

Now officially known as Tradescantia zebrina; this variety produces lovely leaves of gray green have silver stripes and dark...



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